Amazing facts about music…

Amazing Facts

1. The first music school in India is “Gandharva maha vidyalaya” in lahore (which was then a part of India) on may 5 th 1901.


2. First musician to receive Padma bhushan award MS Subulakshmi.


3. The first Indian to compose sympony was Illayaraja. In july 1993.


4. Most expensive musical instrument in the world stra divarius violin, sold for $ 15.9 million.


5. Only few activities in our day to day life utilizes the entire brain, music is one of them.

6. Playing music regularly will physically alter your brain structure.

7. According to a study, learning a musical instrument can improve reasoning skills.


8. Listening to music while exercising can significantly improve your work out performance.

music in bar

9.  Faster music will make u drink faster and louder music in a bar will drink more in a shorter period of time.

heart beat

10. Heart beat can change to mimics the music you listen too.

Pain Concept.

11. Music has been found to have overall positive effects on pain management, It reduces chronic pain by by 21 % and depression by 25%.


12. A 2007 study found that music, especially classical music helps plants grow faster.


13. A song that gets stuck in your head on repeat is called ear worm