Amazing sports facts

Amazing Facts

ancient-greece-gymnastic1.In Ancient Greece most of the gymnastics competition was done in nude.

fishing2.The most participated sport on earth is fishing.

martial-arts3. The martial arts art of self-defense originated  in India and It is spread to Asian countries by Buddhist monks.

Chess4. The popular “international sports chess was originally invented in India, it is also known as “chaturanga /chaturangam”.

facts about chathurangam5. The snake and ladders game originated in India by 13 th century poet saint Gyadev, original name of the game is parmapadham.

playing cards6. The playing cards and polo originated in India.


7. Golf the only one sport in the world has ever played on the moon light. Ball were originally made from dried cow eye ball.

FOOTBALL STADIUM8. The sport with maximum number of spectators is football.

olympics-television-viewers-19. Sports event having the large number of television audience is summer Olympics.

base-ball10. Base balls were originally made from the foreskins of horses.


11. A badminton shuttle cock’s speed easily exceeds 180 Km/hour and can go up to 350 Km/hour.