Some Amazing flowers, but strange around the world…..

Amazing Facts

hooker-lips1.HOOKER LIPS  These gorgeous pair of red, luscious lips belong to a plant known as Psychotic elate, a tropical tree found in the rain forests of Central and South American countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador. Affectionately, Psychotic elate is called Hooker’s Lips or the Hot Lips Plants. The plant has apparently evolved into its current shape to attract pollinators including hummingbirds and butterflies. The bracts are only kissable for a short while, before they spread open to reveal the plant’s flowers.

FLYING-DUCK-ORCHID2.Beautiful FLYING DUCK ORCHID…Caleana major, the Flying Duck Orchid is a small orchid found in eastern and southern Australia. This terrestrial plant features a remarkable flower , resembling a duck in flight. The flower is an attractant to insects, such as male sawflies which pollinate the flower in a process.Its length and breadth serve as a landing pad for sawflies, the insects which usually pollinate this flower, and if any bugs have problems figuring out where the pollen is, it points them the right way. When a sawfly lands on the column of the Flying Duck Orchid, its weight forces the labellum to spring down on it. The insect is trapped and the only way out is via the pollen..

Beautiful-Dancing-Girl-Orchids3.Oncidium…Beautiful Dancing Girl Orchids
The Oncidium family is very large and includes many flower varieties. The most common flower variety is often referred to as the “dancing lady”.Oncidium types that have thin leaves, pseudobulbs, and branching sprays with flowers colored in yellow and mahogany…..