Statistical Amazing Facts about human Kidney…

Amazing Facts

01. Pancreas are stimulated by sugar to produce insulin that keeps sugar levels at check. If the sugar level in body increases, excess insulin is produced. This forces the body to excrete extra calcium through urine, which is yet another cause of kidney stones.

kidneys02. Throughout the day, the kidneys filter and produce around 1000 to 2000 milliliters of urine. So in general we excrete around 1.5 liter urine on an average in a single day.

03. Malfunctioning kidneys can lead to the development of anemia. Studies reveal that most anemic patients usually suffer from some kind of kidney disease.

04. Kidney disease can never be reversed. Its progression can only be slowed down.

05. High BP and diabetes can both lead to failure of kidneys.

kidney-disease06. When the kidney functions are completely lost, it is known as ESRD or End Stage Renal Disease.

07. People suffering with ESRD can live longer with help of kidney transplant or dialysis.

08. The first ever kidney transplant was conducted by Yuri Voronoy, a Russian surgeon in year 1933. The transplant failed.

09. The first ever successful kidney transplant was conducted by Dr. Joseph E. Murray in December 1954. The transplant was between two identical twins. The operation took place in Massachusetts at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital.

10. Nearly 500 million people globally (which nearly 10% of global adult population) suffer from some kind of kidney problem/damage. This leads or millions of premature death every year because of Chronic Kidney disease induced cardiovascular diseases.

11. Nearly 1.5 million globally go through kidney transplant or kidney dialysis.