Amazing stunning facts about Human kidney

Amazing Facts
01. The blood flow in kidneys is higher than the blood flow in heart, liver and brain.

healthykidneys02. Kidneys measure around 4.5 inches in length.

03. Kidneys are no bigger than a standard computer mouse or a cell phone.

04. Each individual kidney weighs around 4-6 ounces.

05. In case of new born human babies, the kidney to body weight ratio is 3 times the kidney to body weight ratio in adults.

06. In case of adults, kidneys form only 0.5% of the entire body weight.

one kidney07. Exactly half of one single kidney is capable of doing the job that is performed by two kidneys together.

nephrons08. Each individual kidney consists of at least 1 million and up to 2 million Nephrons. Nephrons are nothing but very tiny filters that are capable of filtering blood and eliminating the waste materials.

red blood cell09. In a single hour, kidneys receive around 120 pints of blood.

10. Though the kidneys weigh on 0.5% of the entire body weight, they actually receive more arterial blood compared to other organs in body. Almost 25% of the blood pumped by the heart goes to the kidneys.

kidney-disease11. Once a person reaches the age of 40, the number of functional Nephrons present in each kidney start falling at a rate of 1% a year.

12. Despite the decline in the number of functional Nephrons in kidneys after the age of 40, the kidneys continue to function normally because the Nephrons have a tendency of enlarging once the demise begins.

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