Eligibility of family pension for EX-SERVICEMEN….

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Family Pension Eligibility

ex service men
1. UnMarried Daughter of Ex.Serviceman is Eligible for Family Pension after demise of Ex.Serviceman & His Wife Irrespective of their Age till the Marriage she is Eligible for Family Pension.

2. Divorced Daughter of Ex.Serviceman also Eligible for Family Pension (Subject to condition she should submit Financial Condition Report)

3. Widow Daughter also Eligible for Family Pension (Subject to condition that she should submit Financial Condition Certificate from Revenue Authorities)

4. Disabled Children of Ex.Serviceman are also eligible for Family Pension…
For Disabled children.
a) Part-II Order is must.
b) you should submit the Disability Certificate from MH or Medical Board and endorsement of Family Pension should be done in the Concern Records through Sainik Welfare Office….

ex-service-men5. obtain your monthly pension payment slips from Bank

6. Kindly register your phone number and email & pan card with your Bank Account . You will get pension break up from the month of April/ may

7. Whenever there is any additional credits or debits like
a). Payments of Instalments of OROP,
b). Payment of Arrears under DL-33;
c). Payment of Arrears of 7th CPC,
d). DR Arrears etc., Calculated Sheet has to be obtained and whenever there are Debits entries like TDS etc., Form-10 or Form-16 have to be obtained from PDA Bank.

ex-service-men-18. Submit in written to your PDA Bank/Branch that you are a Senior Citizen and the Tax exemption limit is Rs.3 lakhs, accordingly the TDS also will be reduced.

9. Since DL-33 Arrears are relating to previous FY-AY Years (2006-2014), you may file your IT returns distributing the said amount of TDS, claiming REFUND of the deducted TDS amount.

10. Do not forget to convert your pension A/c immediately into Joint A/c (E or S) along with your wife.

11. please take care that family name is notified correctly in PPO and in revenue records like aadhar, pan card etc. If there is any correction please rectify through your record office.

ex-service-men-212. Government of India is insisting for joint accounts because of the difficulties faced by widows. If everything is correct Bank will commence widow’s pension in the same month itself…

13. Notify family pension in the PPO or any authorised letter from pension sanctioning authority is mandatory for commencing the widow pension. earlier only hand written PPOs are there. kindly notify family pension through your record office. Date of birth of the family and original pensioner should be notified by your record office or PSA.

Joint Bank Account:

(a) joint accounts are opened such that any one can take pension. either or survivor mode.
(b) it will be very easy for Bank for opening of family pension

some pensioners think that if we open joint account everything is finished without noting the name of family pensioner in the ppo Which is not correct…. without notifying the correct name of the spouse the Bank will not give Family Pension (Even joint Account is there in the Bank).
Please note above Points for easy to get Family Pension otherwise its very difficult for widow to get the Family Pension….

Previously After retirement from Armed forces if Ex servicemen joined in state/central Government job then after he retired from that post he will get two Pensions I.e., one from Military side and second one is from Civil side as he is eligible for two pensions but if an Ex servicemen Expired wife (spouse) is eligible only one family pension i.e., Military pension or Civil Family pension either one only eligible….
in the year 2013 Government of India (MOD) has issued orders that the wife(spouse) also eligible two family Pensions and CDA Allahabad also issued circular No.504 the widow is eligible both the pensions i.e., Military pension as well as Civil pension with effect from 24th September, 2012.

Even Now many Ex.Servicemen and widows of Ex.Serviceman are not Aware of the above rules so kindly give wide publicity among all Ex.serviceman & their families on this….