why do we often look like our parents?

Amazing Facts

The characteristic of individual human beings are passed from one generation to the next in their chromosomes. Each of our parents gave us 23 chromosomes, making 46 in all. That means that we have two versions of each of our genes, but one is often dominant. We see the effect of the dominant gene, but the other (recessive) gene is still there and can be passed on to our children.DNA-Strand

Chromosomes are thiny threads that are present in all cells apart from the red blood cells. They contain all the information for an entire person to develop. There is a special pair that actually determines a person’s sex short sections of a chromosome are called genes.

Each gene carries the instructions for a specific characteristic, such as an eye colour. many of these genes work with other genes, so it is not easy to say what effects they will have. scientists are currently studying all the genes in a human cell,  the study about genes is known as Genetics. which will give them the complete blueprint about human being.

Amazing facts about Genes

  • The gene for brown eyes is the dominant gene.
  • Two brown eye genes give brown eyes.
  • One brown gene and blue gene usually give brown eyes.Amazing and interesting facts about human eye
  • Two blue eye genes give blue eyes.